Open File Report 1967-04

Open File Report 1967-04

OFR 1967-04

Three Hills Pump Test, November, 1967

Author(s) Vandenberg, A. Date 1967-11-01

A constant rate test on Well No. 6, Town of Three Hills, was conducted by Reid, Crowther & Partners Ltd., Consulting Engineers. The test was run from November 2 to November 9, 1967 for a total of 168 hours; the pumping rate fluctuated between 44 igpm and 51 igpm but remained between 44 igpm and 49.5 igpm for the greater part of the test. Regular water-level measurements were taken in the pumped well and in an observation well 90 feet north of the pumped well. A few measurements were taken in Well No. 7, located 1/2 mile west of Well No.6.

The average values of the aquifer coefficients as obtained from the time-drawdown relationships are as follows: transmissibility 2750 igpd/ft (imperial gallons per day per foot); hydraulic conductivity 69 igpd/sq ft; storage coefficient 0.82E-4. The safe yield for Well No. 6 based on a production period of 20 years, is estimated at 45 igpm. Due to interference between Wells No.6 and No. 7, the safe yield of either well, when both wells are pumping simultaneously, can be estimated at 40 igpm.

Vandenberg, A. (1967): Three Hills pump test, November, 1967, SW-27-31-24-W4; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1967-04, 37 p.