Open File Report 1968-02

Open File Report 1968-02

OFR 1968-02

Exploration for Groundwater in the Red Deer Area, Alberta

Author(s) Lennox, D.H. Date 1967-02-01

Four exploratory test holes were drilled in the summer of 1967 on behalf of the City of Red Deer in order to evaluate groundwater potential in an area to the east of the city. The drilling and testing program was supervised by Mr. W. R. Turner of the Research Council of Alberta. Mr. Turner has since left the Research Council and this report is based on his field notes and on a brief summary submitted in a letter dated August 15 to Mr. N. J. Deck, City Engineer.

The report discusses the aquifers encountered in each test hole, their evaluation by bail-testing or pump-testing and the quality of the groundwaters sampled. These results are summarized in a table and in a concluding section. Appendices provide copies of lithologic and geophysical logs, tabulations and graphs of aquifer test data and copies of water analyses.

Lennox, D.H. (1968): Exploration for groundwater in the Red Deer area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1968-02, 89 p.