Open File Report 1969-01

Open File Report 1969-01

OFR 1969-01

Groundwater Availability in the Hamilton Lake Area, Alberta

Author(s) LeBreton, E.G. Date 1969-04-01

Mr. G. W. Rolls, a local farmer, is concerned about the effect of groundwater withdrawal by oil companies on his groundwater supply and asks if recharge will be sufficient to meet withdrawal.

To consider the effects of additional withdrawal of groundwater supplies for oil field injection purposes into townships 33 and 34, range 9, west of 4th meridian, in the Hamilton Lake area In this regard the following questions were posed:

1. Is the 'Lower Bearpaw Sandstone' being recharged and, if so, is recharge keeping pace with withdrawals? It is stated in regard to townships 33 and 34, range 9 that the oil companies need a total of 150 million barrels of water = 5.25x105 gallons, and that initial demands of 2,000 barrels per day (equal to 48.6 igpm) will be required for the first three years in Lsd. 4, Sec. 20, Tp. 33, R. 9.

2. Will the oil companies' demands for water affect Mr. Rolls' well over the next 10 to 30 or more years? Mr. Rolls' well is located in Lsd. 16, Sec. 21, Tp. 34, R. 9.

3. Should the Oil and Gas Conservation Board reverse its policy and refuse permission for oil companies to produce water from the Lower Bearpaw Sandstone?

In connection with the above enquiry it is suggested that the observation well in Lsd. 9, Sec. 18, Tp. 35, R. 9 may assist us in appraising the problem.

LeBreton, E.G. (1969): Groundwater availability in the Hamilton Lake area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1969-01, 27 p.