Open File Report 1969-04

Open File Report 1969-04

OFR 1969-04

Groundwater Resources in the General Keg River Area

Author(s) Tokarsky, O. Date 1966-11-01

A survey of existing wells was conducted in July 1965 for the settled areas near the proposed new Keg River townsite. The survey was followed in August 1966 by an exploration program during which one deep and two shallow aquifers were tested. Only the deep aquifer was found to be capable of sufficiently high production for municipal supply purposes, but two conflicting chemical analyses suggested that the water from this aquifer may be too high in sulfates to be potable. Before this aquifer can be considered for the municipal water supply another test well will hove to be drilled and tested and the water produced will have to be very carefully sampled and analyzed.

The well survey indicated that it is unlikely that groundwater quality will be appreciably better at any other location within 5 or 6 miles of the proposed townsite. If the deep aquifer finally proves unsuitable, a dugout or other type of surface supply will have to be considered.

Tokarsky, O. (1969): Groundwater resources in the general Keg River area; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Open File Report 1969-04,