Open File Report 1972-02

Open File Report 1972-02

OFR 1972-02

Fort Chipewyan Ornamental-Buildingstone Project, Chipewyan Red Granite

Author(s) Godfrey, J.D. Date 1972-08-01

This report outlines the current status of the Chipewyan red granite project. The objective of the investigation is to determine the suitability of the granite, located in northeastern Alberta along the margin of the Canadian Shield, for use as ornamental buildingstone.


Reconnaissance geological mapping by the Research Council of Alberta in the summer of 1970 revealed and delineated a body of red granite 15 miles long by 3 to 4 miles wide (approximately 50 sq mi).


A helicopter reconnaissance of the southern section of the red granite pluton adjacent to the commercial tug and barge route along the Slave River was undertaken in September, 1971. A number of hand specimens and five large blocks from 3/4 to 1 cubic foot in size were obtained. These were cut and polished by a commercial firm in Edmonton, and the results indicate that the material has considerable potential for use as ornamental buildingstone.


Helicopter reconnaissance of the granite body (pluton) was undertaken in the early part of the field season to assess the gross lithologic and structural characteristics of the pluton and to outline specific areas for more detailed work. Three sites in the southern part of the pluton were selected initially for preliminary mapping. On the basis of color, texture, and fracture patterns, one of these sites (no. 16) was chosen for detailed study and sampling. Outcrop was cleaned by hydraulic sluicing and numerous hand specimens and large blocks were collected for cutting and polishing.

Godfrey, J.D. (1972): Fort Chipewyan ornamental-buildingstone project, Chipewyan red granite; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1972-02, 33 p.