Open File Report 1972-15

Open File Report 1972-15

OFR 1972-15

Preliminary Results of Attempted Coal Recovery and Ash Content Reduction of Waste Material from the Luscar Strip Mining Operation

Author(s) Morrison, D.N. Date 1972-11-01

The sample from the Luscar Operation was obtained with some difficulty. A near-blizzard prevented access to the slurry pond at the first visit, and, as the mine was shut down, a sample could not be obtained from the exit pipe. On the second attempt (October 5, 1972), the mine was again shut down but a sample was obtained from the slurry pond. A composite sample was prepared by taking small shovelfuls at random of moist but not water-covered solids from an area of several hundred square feet, into a five-gallon pail. This area was located approximately one hundred yards from the exit pipe. The sample was slurried with distilled water, briefly mixed, and used for the following studies.

The sample was determined to have an average ash content of approximately 33% and was exclusively -8 mesh. By grinding a sample to -100 mesh and agglomerating with Varsol in a Waring blender, followed by washing, the ash content was reduced to approximately 16%.

Morrison, D.N. (1972): Preliminary results of attempted coal recovery and ash content reduction of waste material from the Luscar strip mining operation; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1972-15, 8 p.