Open File Report 1972-18

Open File Report 1972-18

OFR 1972-18

Bibliography of Groundwater Studies in Alberta 1912-1971

Author(s) Nielsen, G.L. Hackbarth, D.A. Bainey, S. Date 1972-09-01

The two senior authors have frequently found in their work that a large volume of hydrogeological data exists for Alberta, which is not readily available. Although the federal and provincial agencies publish their reports in quantity, consulting firms normally prepare only a few copies for their clients. For this reason, much useful information has been prepared which other consultants, drillers, and government researchers are not aware of.

The bibliography has been organized so that the reports from each agency are listed together. Each report has been assigned a unique number, which enables the reader to locate the area it describes on the index map.

Although some omissions no doubt exist, the bibliography is intended to list every compiled report dealing with groundwater supply and regime in the province of Alberta. Only reports in which original data has been compiled, synthesized, or interpreted are included. No original data such as simple lithologic logs or aquifer test measurements are listed.

Inevitably, arbitrary choices must be made in selecting which reports to put into the bibliography. The authors' policy, in so far as possible, was to define the term 'groundwater' in its broadest aspect when making such decisions. Thus, references to deep formation (or oilfield) waters are included. However, the vast literature dealing with shallow water tables in relation to irrigation practice have deliberately been omitted. Papers concerning the theory of groundwater regime have also been omitted unless they specifically deal with Alberta examples.

This report is being distributed unbound. It is suggested that the pages be punched to fit a standard three-ring binder. In this way, the user can update his information as he becomes aware of newer additional references. From time to time, perhaps at five-year increments, the bibliography will be updated, and new pages may be inserted at their proper location in the report at that time. The numbering of the pages is intended to accommodate such additions.

The authors do not have access to all the reports referenced herein. Should the user wish to examine consulting reports, which are normally confidential to the client, it is suggested that the client, not the consultant should be contacted.

P.F.R.A. reports exist in limited quantities. Potential users are requested to examine them in the Regina office or to request photocopies only of those parts of interest to them.

Nielsen, G.L., Hackbarth, D.A. and Bainey, S. (1972): Bibliography of groundwater studies in Alberta 1912-1971; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1972-18, 44 p.