Open File Report 1973-04

Open File Report 1973-04

OFR 1973-04

Soil Interpretations for Selected Components of Community Development within the Town of Ponoka, Alberta

Author(s) Scheelar, M.D. Date 1973-03-01

This report describes a detailed soil survey and soil interpretations of approximately 1100 acres in selected areas within the town of Ponoka, Alberta. This report describes the cultural and physical features of the area, classification of the soils and some of the physical properties of the soils. A list of limiting soil properties and a table of soil interpretations are also included. The soil interpretations indicate the degree of limitations that each of the soils has for designated uses.

Scheelar, M.D. (1973): Soil interpretations for selected components of community development within the Town of Ponoka, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-04, 22 p.