Open File Report 1973-09

Open File Report 1973-09

OFR 1973-09

Soil Interpretations for Aiding in the Planning of Mobile Home Sites, Within the Town of Bashaw, Alberta

Author(s) Scheelar, M.D. Date 1973-09-01

At present, the topography is composed of level to depressional lowlands, gently sloping areas and gently undulating uplands. The soils of the lowland area are developed from saline silty clay overlying sand, sandy loam and sandy clay loam in variable strata. On the gentle slopes between the lowland and upland areas, the soils are developed from stony saline material ranging from loam to clay loam in texture. The uplands area comprises soils developed from cobbles and gravel overlying shales and sandstones of the Edmonton formation at fairly shallow depths.

Scheelar, M.D. (1973): Soil interpretations for aiding in the planning of mobile home sites, within the Town of Bashaw, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-09, 13 p.