Open File Report 1973-18

Open File Report 1973-18

OFR 1973-18

Groundwater Availability in the Morely Indian Reserve, Alberta - Preliminary Evaluation

Author(s) Tokarsky, O. Date 1973-03-06

An attempt has been made to investigate groundwater conditions within the Morley Reserve using water well drillers' logs plus geological data. Some 200 logs were available but the locations of most of these were not given or were in doubt. The locations had to be accurately established because successful interpretation of groundwater conditions in any area depends to a great degree on the proper location of basic data, the reliability of the drillers' logs, the type and number of pump tests carried out, on proper well construction and development, and on other factors related to the regional geology. Evaluation of the availability of groundwater to wells is presented in this report. Other hydrogeological factors, particularly the chemical quality of groundwater in the reserve, have not been examined.

Tokarsky, O. (1973): Groundwater availability in the Morely Indian Reserve, Alberta - preliminary evaluation; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-18, 15 p.