Open File Report 1973-24

Open File Report 1973-24

OFR 1973-24

Quaternary Stratigraphy of Central Alberta

Author(s) Holter, M.E. Date 1973-03-01

The area of study is a critical area for Quaternary stratigraphy studies for the following reasons:

1. Surficial mapping programs have been completed on the entire area thus providing continuous coverage between areas of confirmed Cordilleran and Rocky Mountain glaciation in the west and continental glaciation to the east. This is one of the first such documented cases in the province.

2. Studies within the area afford some appreciation of the relationships between separate lithological units both in a vertical and lateral stratigraphic sense.

Drainage systems, main access routes and principal urban centers are also depicted.

Holter, M.E. (1973): Quaternary stratigraphy of central Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-24, 31 p.