Open File Report 1973-36

Open File Report 1973-36

OFR 1973-36

Stony Islands Copper Showing: Slave River, Alberta

Author(s) Godfrey, J.D. Date 1973-09-01

A copper mineral showing reported at Stony Islands was close enough to the 1973 field map area to be examined in the course if the Precambrian Shield fieldwork. Stony Island refers to a group of four islands within the Slave River and for ease of reference they have been designated - West, Mid, East and Tid Islands. A preliminary geological examination was carried out on West Island involving about half a day.

Godfrey, J.D. (1973): Stony Islands copper showing: Slave River, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-36, 21 p.