Open File Report 1973-37

Open File Report 1973-37

OFR 1973-37

Geological Report on a Landslide Along the Ram River Rocky Mountain House Area, Alberta

Author(s) Kathol, C.P. McPherson, R.A. Date 1973-10-01

A landslide has occurred along the Ram River. Approximately 1/2 mile southwest of the exploratory well pacific Pan Am Phoenix 10-27-38-11 which was drilled in 1969. Reports by residents of the area confirm that the slide occurred between autumn 1972 and autumn 1973. Although the exact sequence of events that resulted in the present configuration of the slide is uncertain, the most likely cause of the slide is slope instability due to undercutting by the Ram River. No evidence was found to indicate that the slide may have been caused by drilling of the exploratory well, however, the writers are uncertain of what type of evidence, if any, could be found to relate drilling of the well to the land slide.

Kathol, C.P. and McPherson, R.A. (1973): Geological report on a landslide along the Ram River Rocky Mountain House area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1973-37, 17 p.