Open File Report 1974-27

Open File Report 1974-27

OFR 1974-27

Summary Report - Clear Hills Iron Sampling Program

Author(s) Hamilton, W.N. Date 1974-05-01


To obtain a representative bulk sample (150 tons) of the Clear Hills iron deposits for use in beneficiation and smelting tests. To be a representative the sample had to be of unweathered material and, therefore, had to be obtained from beneath a substantial cover of overburden, where the iron bed was well back from any weathered surface exposure yet not so deeply buried.

Sampling Site

The deposit chosen for sampling is the so-called 'Swift Creek' deposit, which outcrops along the bank of Rambling (formerly Swift) Creek in Sec.1, Tp.91, R.5, W. 6th Mer. The site selected was near to an actual exposure of the iron bed on the west bank of Rambling Creek and also in the midst of closely spaced (1/4 mile) test drilling, these factors together providing excellent geological control.

Excavation Program

The program called for excavating with bulldozers the 50-foot thickness of clay till overburden to expose the iron bed, followed by trenching to a depth of 30 feet into the bed to secure fresh ore material.

Hamilton, W.N. (1974): Summary report - Clear Hills iron sampling program; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1974-27, 18 p.