Open File Report 1979-01

Open File Report 1979-01

OFR 1979-01

Addendum to: Soil Classification and Characterization for Grassland Ecology Study in Cypress Hills, Alberta

Author(s) Greenlee, G.M. Date 1979-01-01

This is an addendum to a Greenlee's report written in 1978 wherein 13 soil profiles were described and sampled to classify and characterize the soils associated with different plant communities identified in a grassland ecology study in the Cypress Hills of Alberta. Nineteen additional soil profiles were described and sampled during the summer of 1978. This report presents results of the chemical and physical analyses and the profile descriptions.

Greenlee, G.M. (1979): Addendum to soil classification and characterization for grassland ecology study in Cypress Hills, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1979-01, 31 p.