Open File Report 1980-03

Open File Report 1980-03

OFR 1980-03

Sand and Gravel Resources of the St. Paul and Bonnyville Areas, Alberta

Author(s) Edwards, W.A.D. Date 1979-12-01

This report delineates areas containing sand and gravel in the St. Paul area, and describes in detail the geology of the most important deposits. Within the area there are six sites which can supply aggregate. The largest deposit, 26 km southeast of St. Paul, contains an estimated 10,000,000 m2 of sandy gravel, another, 29 km east-southeast of St. Paul contains 5,000,000 m3 of gravelly sand. These deposits will become the major sources of aggregate for the St. Paul area. The Bonnyville area contains an abundance of granular deposits, but most is in the form of fine sand. Three sites contain over a million cubic metres of gravel. Two of these are terraces along the Beaver River, located 13 km north and 53 km northwest of Bonnyville. The third site is a fluvial bar in the Mooselake River valley, 20 km northwest of Bonnyville. Little coarse aggregate remains in the eastern portion of the Bonnyville study area and future supplies for Medley, Grande Centre and Cold Lake will have to come from the Mooselake River valley, or outside the area studied. Bonnyville will continue to get aggregate from the La Corey pit (13 km north) but with an increasing reliance on the Mooselake River valley site.

Edwards, W.A.D. (1979): Sand and gravel resources of the St. Paul and Bonnyville areas, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1980-03, 48 p.