Open File Report 1986-01

Open File Report 1986-01

OFR 1986-01

Bitumen resources of the Upper Devonian Grosmont formation, Twp. 88-98, northern Alberta

Author(s) Yoon, T. Date 1986-01-01

As part of the ARC/AENR joint Regional Subsurface Geology Program, a bitumen resources study of the Grosmont Formation was undertaken by Mr. T. Yoon of Alberta Energy and Natural Resources under the general supervision of Dr. R.S. Harrison, Alberta Research Council, during the period between November 1984 and April 1985. The study reflects the specific interest of AENR's Mineral Agreement Branch in the bitumen potential of the northern portion of the Grosmont belt.

In spite of various studies and ever-increasing interest in the Grosmont bitumen resources, reserve-related data has not been publicly available. ERCB does not publish the Paleozoic reserve data and is not at the present time in a position to provide specific data on a regional basis.

The study area lies between Tp 88 to 98, R 19 to 26, W4M. The area covers approximately 571,000 hectares (62 Tp) in the southeastern part of the Wabasca North Oil Sands area, where the prolific Liege gas field is located. Approximately one-quarter of the study area is presently held as oil sand leases by several companies.

Yoon, T. (1986): Bitumen resources of the Upper Devonian Grosmont Formation, Tp 88 to 98, northern Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1986-01, 33 p.