Open File Report 1987-02

Open File Report 1987-02

OFR 1987-02

Sand and Gravel Resources of the Pelican (West Central Portion of 83P) Map Area, Alberta

Author(s) Scafe, D.W. Sham, P.C. Ray, C.M. Date 1987-01-01

The aggregate materials present in the west central portion of the Pelican (NTS 83P) map area were studied in 1986 to provide information on the distribution and characteristics of the resource. The study area is 3,350 km2 in size and was investigated at the enhanced reconnaissance level. The program consisted of compiling existing information, air photo interpretation plus some site and laboratory analyses.

Sand and gravel materials are distributed unevenly and are of variable quality. Currently exploited (all season) deposits include sand and gravel from a kame deposit west-southwest of Rock Island Tower, sand and gravel from meltwater deposits west of the Marten Hills airstrip, gravels from preglacial deposits southwest, north and southeast of Marten Hills gas plant (within a 7 km radius), and sand and from a significant eolian deposit in the southeast corner of the map area. Potential sources include glaciofluvial sand in scattered deposits in generally the southwest quarter of the map area, esker gravels north of Howard Lake, alluvial gravels in the upper reaches of the Fawcett River, creek valley outwash gravels in the northwest corner of the mapped area, largely eolian sands in the northeast corner of the map area, and fluvial-lacustrine (outwash and beach deposits) adjacent to and north of Calling Lake. Throughout the map area, small, discontinuous and sometimes dirty, sandy, glaciofluvial deposits occur. Most Recent alluvium has little or no aggregate potential. The few water well logs available indicate appreciable amounts of sand beneath thick overburden in the area between Rock Island Lake and Calling Lake. Three deposits, one north, one south, and one southeast of the mapped area, may offer alternative sources for aggregate.

Scafe, D.W., Sham, P.C. and Ray, C.M. (1987): Sand and gravel resources of the Pelican (west central portion of 83P) map area, Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1987-02, 57 p.