Open File Report 1992-08

Open File Report 1992-08

OFR 1992-08

Alberta Geological Survey - Coal Geology: Coal Compilation Project - Blackstone River NTS 83C/16

The study area of mapsheet NTS 83C/16 (Blackstone River) is located in west-central Alberta. There are no established settlements within the mapsheet area. Nordegg (83C/8) and Robb (83F/2) are the closest communities to the mapsheet area. Robb is located some 65 road-kilometres northwest of the mapsheet's west boundary; Nordegg is located some 45 road-kilometres southeast of the mapsheet's southern boundary.

All-weather access, to and within the area, is provided by the Forestry Trunk Road (Secondary Highway 940). The secondary highway passes through the southwest quarter of the mapsheet. Additional secondary access, in part, seasonal, is provided by a network of wellsite and logging roads, trails and seismic lines.

There is no existing rail service within the mapsheet area; the closest in-service rail line is located some 30 kilometres northwest of the west boundary of the mapsheet. The existing rail service (Canadian National Railways) terminates at the Coal Valley Mine operated by Luscar Ltd.; the rail line has the capacity to accommodate coal unit trains. Coal ports at Vancouver are located some 1100 rail-kilometres west from the Coal Valley Mine Thunder Bay are located some 2280 rail-kilometres east from the Coal Valley Mine.

Richardson, R.J.H., Langenberg, C.W., Chao, D.K. and Fietz, D. (1992): Alberta Geological Survey - coal geology: coal compilation project - Blackstone River: NTS 83C/16; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS OFR 1992-08, 126 p.