Open File Report 1993-05

Open File Report 1993-05

OFR 1993-05

Dimension Stone, Gypsum, Phosphate, Silica; Alberta Mineral Commodity Profiles (reprint volume)

Alberta Mineral Commodity Profiles is a series of resource analysis synopses on non-hydrocarbon mineral commodities found in Alberta. Each profile presents a review and evaluation of an individual mineral, in a standardized capsulate format, addressing the essential elements of a comprehensive resource analysis. It serves as a technical sourcebook for the mineral, and as a guide in the formulation of research and exploration programs.

Profiles in this series are formatted to address the broad headings of Industry Selling, Geology and Resources, Mining/Mineral Technology, Economic Factors, Industry Operating Factors, Strategic Considerations and Outlook. It should be noted that the amount and quality of information available for any given section of the format may vary markedly with different commodities.

This is a reprint volume that covers four commodities that were profiled in 1986 (OFR 1986-13); dimension stone, gypsum, phosphate, and silica. Although some of the information presented for 1986 may be outdated in certain topic areas, such as Industry Setting, the resource status of the four commodities is essentially unchanged.

Godfrey, J.D., Hamilton, W.N. and Macdonald, D.E. (1993): Dimension stone, gypsum, phosphate, silica: Alberta mineral commodity profiles (reprint volume); Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1993-05, 99 p.