Open File Report 1994-02

Open File Report 1994-02

OFR 1994-02

Preliminary Study of the Economic Feasibility of Producing Crushed Stone from Fort Chipewyan Red Granite

Author(s) Scafe, D.W. Date 1994-02-01

The failure to successfully quarry commercial size dimension stone blocks from the Fort Chipewyan Red Granite in 1988 resulted in abundant broken material at the quarry site. This study investigates potential uses for stone that could be crushed from this or other sources of similar broken material. New attempts by two Alberta companies to quarry commercial size dimension blocks at other locations in the granite pluton may provide additional sources of the broken material that is the inevitable byproduct of any quarrying operation. An economic model is developed for calculating the potential probability of a crushed stone operation that either uses the waste from a block quarrying operation, or that quarries material solely for crushing.

Scafe, D.W. (1994): Preliminary study of the economic feasibility of producing crushed stone from Fort Chipewyan red granite; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Open File Report 1994-02, 36 p.