Report 09

Report 09

REP 09

Geology Along the Blackstone, Brazeau and Pembina Rivers in the Foothills Belt, Alberta

Author(s) Allan, J.A. Rutherford, R.L. Date 1924-02-15

The coal resources of the province are annually becoming more important and the need of field investigations on the coal deposits more apparent. The coal production for the year of 1923 is represented by the record output of 6, 884,538 tons or over three-quarters of a million tons more than in the previous year.

The geological survey of the foothills belt from North Saskatchewan River towards the Athabasca was continued in 1923. This is the fifth annual report on the mineral resources of Alberta and it contains the results of field investigations in the area west and northwest of the area discussed by the writers in the fourth annual report.

Allan, J.A. and Rutherford, R.L. (1924): Geology along the Blackstone, Brazeau and Pembina rivers in the Foothills belt, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 09, 67 p.