Report 19

Report 19

REP 19

Geology of the Area Between North Saskatchewan and McLeod Rivers, Alberta

Author(s) Rutherford, R.L. Date 1928-06-01

The Geological Survey Division of the Scientific and Industrial Research Council of Alberta carried out geological investigations in the foothills south of the Athabasca River during the field seasons of 1922, 1923 and 1924. In 1925 this work was extended eastwards from the foothills as far as Edson. During parts of the field seasons of 1926 and 1927 the writer extended these investigations from Edson northeast to Whitecourt; east across Pembina river and south-east along North Saskatchewan river. The greater part of the area covered in 1926 and 1927 is shown on the accompanying map, No.13, and the present report is based largely upon observations made within this area.

Rutherford, R.L. (1928): Geology of the area between North Saskatchewan and McLeod rivers, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 19, 49 p.