Report 61

Report 61

REP 61

Clay Deposits of Elkwater Lake Area, Alberta

Author(s) Crockford, M.B.B. Date 1951-03-01

The Cypress Hills region, which includes the Elkwater Lake map-area, has been surveyed geologically in more or less detail from time to time by governmental agencies, and the results of these surveys have been published. This published information is readily available to those interested, and hence need not be restated in detail here. However, sufficient data to give a clear understanding of the stratigraphy and geological structure of the area are recapitulated here. In addition, the writer has supplemented the observations of previous workers by data gathered from private sources in recent years.

Crockford, M.B.B. (1951): Clay deposits of Elkwater Lake area, Alberta; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 61, 101 p.