Report 63

Report 63

REP 63

Soil Survey of the High Prairie and McLennan Sheets

Author(s) Odynsky, W. Wynnyk, A. Newton, J.D. Date 1952-01-30

This is the second of a series of reconnaissance soil survey publications describing the agricultural areas of the Peace River Land District in Alberta, which contains large areas of land suitable for agriculture. A detailed inventory of the soil resources was required to meet the needs of present and prospective settlers and to determine which areas should not be settled.

The properties of the surface and sub-soil of the various soil series are described. The first part of each description deals with the characteristics by which the soil may be recognized. The second part discusses the soil in relation to agriculture. The report also gives a general description of the mapped area and deals with the topography, drainage, climate, vegetation and other factors that have a bearing on soil development, settlement and crop production.

Odynsky, W., Wynnyk, A. and Newton, J.D. (1952): Reconnaissance soil survey of the High Prairie and McLennan sheets; Research Council of Alberta, RCA/AGS Report 63, 114 p.