Special Report 008

Special Report 008

SPE 008

A Study of Potential Co-Product Trace Elements Within the Clear Hills Iron Deposits, Northwestern Alberta

Author(s) Olson, R.A. Eccles, D.R. Collom, C.J. Date 1999-02-01

The current study was undertaken to assess whether elevated concentrations of gold, other precious or base metals, or any other 'trace elements', exist within the Clear Hills iron deposits. If some elements do exist locally in sufficiently high concentrations, then they might be potentially economic 'co-products' to assist in the feasibility of developing the iron deposits.

Olson, R.A., Eccles, D.R. and Collom, C.J. (1999): A study of potential co-product trace elements within the Clear Hills iron deposits, northwestern Alberta; Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, EUB/AGS Special Report 8, 190 p.