Special Report 102

Special Report 102

SPE 102

Limestone and Dolomite Prospects for Industrial Use in the Alberta Foothills and Front Ranges

Author(s) Krueger, K. Kluczny, P. Dahrouge, J.R. Date 2016-07-20

This report, produced by Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd. at the request of the Alberta Geological Survey, provides an assessment of the distribution and potential of current limestone and dolomite prospects in the Alberta Foothills and Front Ranges outside of parks, First Nations lands, and current mineral tenure areas. It is part of a project funded by Alberta Energy with the intent to enhance Alberta's mineral geoscience knowledge as well as disseminate existing information. The specific purpose of this report was to provide geoscience information on limestone and dolomite prospects to help guide land use planning decisions.

This report provides maps of the Alberta Foothills and Front Ranges with the locations of documented occurrences and quarries of limestone and dolomite and includes short, plain language overviews of limestone and dolomite prospects for the South Saskatchewan, North Saskatchewan, Upper Athabasca and Upper Peace Regional land use planning areas. Emphasis is given to occurrences of high-calcium limestone and high-quality dolomite, although prospective areas of carbonate for use as aggregate or building/decorative stone were also included. 

Krueger, K., Kluczny, P. and Dahrouge, J. (2016): Limestone and dolomite prospects for industrial use in the Alberta Foothills and Front Ranges; Alberta Energy Regulator, AER/AGS Special Report 102, 16 p.