The Geological Framework is a detailed set of multi-scale 3D models of Alberta’s geology used to integrate and analyze geospatial information to help answer geological questions for our province. 

The current 3D Geological Framework models cover over 602 825 km2 and includes both Quaternary and bedrock geological units. These models have significantly improved our ability to accurately and effectively integrate and evaluate the 3D geospatial data for science-based decisions in support of land-use planning, environmental sustainability, economic diversification and public safety.

 The 3D Geological Framework is currently composed of 12 geological models developed at a variety of scales to enhance our understanding of the geospatial relationships and interactions between surface/subsurface properties.


Current Focus and Future Development

The Geological Framework program is currently focused on;

•Developing innovative tools to allow users to interactively explore our 3D geological models,
•Incorporating information from the AGS structural database to more accurately portray faults and linear offsets within this model,
•Strategically developing the Geological Framework in areas requiring additional evaluation to either reduce uncertainty or improve the model resolution, and
•Improving the linkage between surface and subsurface activities and resources throughout the province.
For further information about the 3D Geological Framework program, or the models that we have produced, please contact us by email at: @email


Model Area New or Update Description
Provincial  Update

New data for:

•Colorado Group and equivalents
•Sub-division of the Mannville Group
•Major unconformities of Jurassic, Triassic, Permian periods


Updates to:

•Sub-Cretaceous unconformity
•Paleozoic groups and select formations
•Bedrock Topography surface
Peace River Update  
Southern Alberta Update
•Additional detail to the Medicine Hat and Alderson formations
•Property models (porosity)
Duvernay Property  New
•3D Property modelling (porosity), facies, and resources
Montney Property  New
•3D Property modelling (porosity), facies, and resources
Paskapoo Property  New
•3D Property modelling (porosity), facies, and resources