The Edmonton-Calgary Corridor (ECC) is Alberta’s most populated region, with more than 2 million people calling it home. It has a varied landscape with areas of grasslands, parklands, boreal forest, foothills, and mountains. Like its landscape, the ECC has a diverse economy ranging from agriculture, oil and gas development, sand and gravel extraction, and forestry. In a recent assessment of Alberta’s population growth, Alberta Treasury Board and Finance indicated that the strongest population growth in Alberta is expected to be in the ECC, with almost 80% of the population of Alberta expected to live within this region by 2041.

All of these factors show that it is a region where the availability of water is and will continue to be important in ensuring that populations and industries will have the ability to grow.

The work done and ongoing (to Sylvan Lake Sub-basin Project) in the ECC will help to better understand an important component of the region’s waterscape and groundwater resources. It does this by highlighting where these resources are, how much water is available, and what the chemical quality of those resources is. The products from the mapping work and knowledge gained during the project continue to add value in water planning activities in and around the ECC.