The 3D geological model for the Fox Creek area covers 3 027 km2. The model is composed of 28 geological units from the ground surface down to the Precambrian basement. All geological units have been modelled at a resolution of 100 m × 100 m.

Figure 1a) 3D geological model of the Fox Creek area, 1b) x-sections along south and west edges of the model showing the internal complexity within the model area Leduc reefs (pink mounds), and topography of the Swan Hills platform (blue unit at base of model).

Next Steps

  • incorporate information obtained from seismic profiles, and [structural database] to more accurately portray faults and linear offsets within the model area
  • integrate hydrocarbon resources within the geological model
  • refine the accuracy of the model in areas of structural complexity (i.e. around the Leduc reefs and Swan Hills platform)