One of the geoscience programs at the AGS is resource assessment. This program includes the study, mapping, quantification, and reporting of Alberta’s natural endowment of groundwater, brines, and geothermal energy. The Groundwater Inventory & Basin Analysis Team comprises geologists and hydrogeologists that produce regional maps and models of Alberta’s saline and nonsaline aquifers and groundwater resources. We provide this scientific information to the Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Environment & Parks, and others on matters of groundwater protection, sustainability, and management.

This AGS activity ensures that Alberta’s groundwater resources and aquifers are known so they can be protected and sustainably developed. We also support oil and gas resource appraisal and waste-management regulation. Our projects cover the entire rock succession in Alberta ranging from the Precambrian crystalline basement to shallow sediments near the land surface.

The team undertakes key activities under three general themes: