The 3D geological model of the Lower Athabasca area covers 83 334 km2, which covers approximately 12% of the province.  The model is composed of 35 geological units from the ground surface down to the Precambrian basement.  All geological units have been modelled at a resolution of 500 m × 500 m. 

Figure 1 a) 3D image of the Lower Athabasca area model, 
b) x-sections through the 3D model to show the internal complexity of the geology in this area.

Refer to the Cretaceous Bedrock Mapping in the Lower Athabasca area for more information on the uppermost Cretaceous deposits in this model, and the Devonian Bedrock Mapping in the Lower Athabasca area pages for additional information on lowermost geologic units within this model.

Next Steps

  • continue modelling these geological units  westward towards the Peace River arch
  • subdivide the Waterways Formation unit to include separate models for each of the Waterways members
  • further refine the sub-Cretaceous unconformity and subcropping formations within this model area 
  • integrate groundwater and hydrocarbon resources  within the geological model