A 3D geological model of southern Alberta area was built covering 88 768 km2. The model is composed of 25 geological units from the ground surface down to the Base of Fish Scales Formation and includes one of the largest natural gas fields in Alberta.

A detailed list of all the geological units characterized within this model can be found on the labelled cross-section in Figure 1. All geological units have been modelled at a resolution of 500 m × 500 m.

Figure 1: Plan view of the Southern Alberta model with a labelled cross-section providing a list of all geological units included in this model.

Figure 2a) Oblique view of the southern Alberta 3D model,
Figure 2b) cross-section through 3D model.

Video 1: Southern Alberta model animation

Next Steps

  • further refine the Cretaceous deposits throughout the model area, and add more of the deeper geological units in this area,
  • integrate oil, gas, and groundwater resources within this 3D geological model,
  • incorporate information from the structural database to more accurately portray faults and linear offsets within this model.