Alberta Geological Survey – AGS

We are Alberta’s provincial geoscience experts, continuously providing the most relevant and up-to-date geoscience information and advice in formats readily accessible to government, industry, and the public. Our products are used by other experts in many areas including resource exploration, sustainable development, regulation, and resource conservation in Alberta.

Research Initiatives 

We conduct  research in many areas  including but not limited to water, minerals, earthquakes, underground storage, and several other  areas of geology.

Geological Framework of Alberta

Our GFA is an online GIS tool where users can interact with Alberta’s stratigraphy, download data, or integrate their data within our 3D models.


Our publications range from reports, maps, and data to interactive tools and applications, freely available here on our website.

Public Geoscience

We have products great for learning and exploring geoscience they include Minecraft worlds, 3D printing files, and interactive map applications.



Alberta’s Official Geological Survey

We are the official provincial geological survey of Alberta, operating under the guiding principles of the Canada Intergovernmental Geoscience Accord. This accord identifies provincial surveys as the principal stewards, resident authorities, and principal investigators for public geoscience. We are responsible for describing the geology and resources in the province, and for providing information and knowledge to inform resource opportunities, land use, environmental impact, public health, and safety issues related to geoscience.