Explore the Dinosaur Provincial Park Region in Minecraft

Discover the bedrock geology responsible for the world famous badlands of the Dinosaur Provincial Park. Our Dinosaur Provincial Park Regional Model provides a virtual playground to explore the unique geology that is responsible for the largest and most spectacular badlands area in Canada, making this park a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




More About this Minecraft Model

The bedrock in this area is comprised of flat-lying Bear Paw, Dinosaur Park, Oldman, Foremost, and Lea Park formations deposited during the Cretaceous period. These rocks were eroded over millions of years by wind, water, and glacial processes leaving them exposed in the badlands of the Red Deer River Valley.


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This model covers 341 square kilometres. The Minecraft blocks in this model represent 100 m × 100 m in the horizontal (X and Y) directions, and 10 m in the vertical (Z) direction, giving this model a vertical exaggeration of 10 times.




Important Disclaimer: these Minecraft worlds were built by the Alberta Geological Survey for educational and outreach purposes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with Mojang.