Explore Dinosaur Provincial Park Campground in Minecraft

Explore the geology of Dinosaur Provincial Park as you search the badlands for dinosaur bone beds. This model brings the most familiar part of this park into Minecraft at a scale that invites exploration of every hidden valley. In this model, you will start at the Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Centre. From there, you can go to the campground to pick your next site, or walk along the Public Loop Road to explore the Fossil Houses. Later, hike along Little Sandhill Creek or launch a boat onto the Red Deer River.



More About this Minecraft Model

The bedrock in this area was eroded by wind, water, and glaciers over millions of years, leaving it exposed for everyone to see. This is the badlands landscape of the Red Deer River Valley - with its high valley walls and hoodoos scattered throughout the area. The badlands are beautiful to look at and photograph and this beauty is enhanced by the layers of contrasting colours (creams, greys, black, and oranges) within the geologic formations. Paleontologists find a large number and variety of high-quality fossils in this park. While exploring, see how many bone beds you can find in this model!


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This model covers 9 square kilometres. The Minecraft blocks in this model represent 5 m × 5 m in the horizontal (X and Y) directions, and 2 m in the vertical (Z) direction, giving this model a vertical exaggeration of 2.5 times.




Important Disclaimer: these Minecraft worlds were built by the Alberta Geological Survey for educational and outreach purposes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with Mojang.