Chapter 15 Table Oil Production from the Permian

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Oil production from the Permian is relatively minor in amount, and occurs primarily in the Peace River Block of northeast B.C. and scattered through west-central Alberta. There are only eleven Permian oil fields, and of these, only four have Initial Established Recoverable Oil Reserves of over 1 x 106m3 (6 MMBbls). Data on these four largest Permian oil fields are shown in Table 1.

Cumulative production data for Alberta and British Columbia are updated to the end of 1990.

Table 1. Largest Permian Oil Fields (in units of 106m3).

Initial Established
No. Field Formation No. of Pools Marketable Reserves In-place Volume Cumulative Production Discovery Year
1 Eagle West Belloy 1 7.3 23.5 4.9 1976
2 Virginia Hills Belloy 2 3.8 10.3 3.2 1961
3 Eagle Belloy-Kiskt 1 1.8 8.6 1.1 1972
4 Stoddart West Belloy 3 1.3 8.6 1.0 1970

The Eagle West, Eagle and Stoddart West fields in B.C. are found in structural-stratigraphic traps related to facies changes adjacent to fault-bounded structures in the Peace River Embayment. The Virginia Hills field in Alberta occurs in a Belloy sandstone outlier south of the Peace River Embayment. All Permian oil production contains light to medium gravity oil.

Total recoverable oil reserves in the Permian are estimated at 14.7x 106m3, of which 104x 106m3(i.e. 71%) have already been produced. Initial Established In-Place Volume of Permian oil reserves totals 55.5 x 106m3. There are 22 Permian oil pools in 11 fields, with an average 668 x 103m3 recoverable oil reserves/pool. Table 2 lists the distribution of Permian oil reserves according to In-Place Pool Size.

Table 2. Size Distribution of Permian Oil Pools (in units of 106m3).

In-Place Pool Size Class No. of Pools Recoverable Reserves Cumulative Production
less than 0.1 8 0.03 0.02
0.1 to 1 9 0.43 0.19
1.0 to 10 3 3.15 2.07
10.0 to 100 2 11.08 8.14
over 100 - - -
Total 22 14.69 x 106m3 10.42 x 106m3