Chapter 22 Table Oil Production from the Dunvegan

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Oil production from the Dunvegan is relatively minor in amount, and is restricted to western Alberta. Included are fields producing from the Dunvegan and Doe Creek.

Thene is only one Dunvegan oil field with Initial Established Recoverable Oil Reserves of over 1 x 106m3 (6 MMBbls), namely the Valhalla field of northwest Alberta which produces from the Doe Creek. Data on the Valhalla field is shown in Table 1. Cumulative production data for Alberta are updated to the end of 1990.

Table 1. Largest Dunvegan Oil Field (in units of 106m3).

Initial Established
Field Formation No. of Pools Marketable Reserves In-place Volume Cumulative Production Discovery Year
Valhalla Doe Creek 6 7.0 33.4 2.0 1978

There are a total of 18 oil fields with production from the Dunvegan interval, all from stratigraphic traps in deltaic sediments. These sediments occur in five clastic wedges shed from the Cordillera. All fields contain light to medium gravity oil.

Total recoverable oil reserves in the Dunvegan ane estimated at 9.9 x 106m3, of which 3.1 x 106m3 have already been produced. Initial Established In-Place Volume of Dunvegan oil reserves totals 70.2 x 106m3. There are 49 Dunvegan oil pools in 18 fields, with an average 201 x 103m3 recoverable oil reserves/pool. Table 2 lists the distribution of Dunvegan oil reserves according to In-Place Pool Size.

Table 2. Size Distribution of Dunvegan Oil Pools (in units of 106m3).

In-Place Pool Size Class No. of Pools Recoverable Reserves Cumulative Production
less than 0.1 5 0.03 0.01
0.1 to 1 32 0.58 0.14
1.0 to 10 11 2.42 1.01
10.0 to 100 1 6.83 1.93
over 100 - - -
Total 49 9.86 x 106m3 3.09 x 106m3