Turtle Mountain Monitoring

In April 2005, we became responsible for the creation and on-going long-term monitoring of Turtle Mountain where one of Canada’s largest modern landslides occurred in 1903.

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We create and publish a variety of geological maps as PDFs and, since 2002, we also publish digital data for most maps in GIS shapefile format.

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Surficial Geology of the Buffalo River Area (NTS 84F/NE)

Surficial Geology of the Buffalo River Area (NTS 84F/NE) (GIS data, permafrost polygon features)

Permafrost Site Location Training Data for Northern Alberta (tabular data, tab-delimited format)

Earthquakes and Seismicity in Alberta

We study earthquakes and other ground movement (seismicity) learning where, why, and when they occur to support decision-making in our province.

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The AER has written an article about the AGS on our role in developing innovative solutions for evaluating and supporting science-based decision-making about Alberta's geological and energy resources! Read the article here.

The deepest mineral core is 1255 metres.

The Mineral Core Research Facility (MCRF) contains more than 60,500 metres of mineral core, 12,500 metres of coal core, and 18,000 rock samples from various mineral exploration projects in Alberta. The collection is publicly available to prospectors, mineral exploration companies, and academia for mineral exploration and research purposes.





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The Alberta Table of Formations is routinely updated to reflect current scientific information.