Dinosaur Provincial Park Regional Minecraft Model

Dinosaur Provincial Park Regional Minecraft Model

Discover the bedrock geology responsible for the world famous badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Dinosaur Provincial Park Minecraft Regional Model

Two formats are available for download:

Playing Minecraft on an Android or iOS device? Click here.
Playing Minecraft on a PC or Mac? Click here.

What will I see in the Dinosaur Provincial Park regional Minecraft model?

The Dinosaur Provincial Park Regional Model provides a virtual playground to explore the unique subsurface geology that is responsible for the largest and most spectacular area of badlands in Canada, and makes the park a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, the bedrock is comprised of flat-lying Bear Paw, Dinosaur Park, Oldman, Foremost, and Lea Park formations deposited during the Cretaceous period, eroded over millions of years by wind, water and glacial processes to leave them exposed in the badlands of the Red Deer River Valley.

Also, download our Dinosaur Provincial Park Campground Minecraft Model to explore the geology around the Dinosaur Provincial Park Visitor Center and campground, and search for dinosaur bone beds hidden beneath the ground surface or exposed along the river valley.

Explore this Minecraft Model on an Android or iOS Mobile Device 

System Requirements 

You will need a licensed copy of Minecraft. Search for “Minecraft” on the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device to download.

Installation Instructions

1) Use your mobile device to download the .mcworld file
2) Your device will prompt you to open the .mcworld file in Minecraft once it has been downloaded.
To enhance visualization of the model, here are some adjustments that can be made to the video settings:
- From the main menu select "Settings" then "Video".
- Increase “Brightness” using the slider.
- Toggle off “Beautiful Skies” and “Render Clouds”.
- Increase the render distance to slightly less than the maximum distance that your device will support. 

Explore this model on a PC or Mac 

System Requirements

You will need:
1) A licensed copy of Minecraft.
Don’t have Minecraft? You can download a copy here.
2) At least 3 GB of free disk space (to be able to download all Dinosaur Provincial Park models)
3) 4 GB of RAM

Installation Instructions

1) Download the ZIP file containing the Minecraft model files to the Downloads folder on your computer.
2) Right click on the ZIP file in the Downloads folder and click "Extract All". Extract both the metadata and model folders to the Desktop (or another preferred location) using the Browse button.
3) Start up Minecraft using the desktop icon.
4) Click "Play" at the bottom of the window.
5) Once the Minecraft home screen has loaded, select "Options", then "Resource Packs".
6) Select "Open resource pack folder". A new window will appear. You will use this window to move the geological model world files into Minecraft.
7) Navigate to the folder where you extracted the Minecraft files, select the Minecraft model folder and, using your right mouse button, select Cut.
8) Click the back arrow and use the address bar to navigate to the ".minecraft" folder.
9) Open the "saves" folder.
10) Use the right mouse button to Paste the Minecraft model folder into the "saves" folder.
11) You can then close the window, select Done in the Select Resource Packs window, and Done in the Options window.
12) Start your Minecraft game and select the geological model world to play.
To enhance visualization of the model, here are some adjustments that can be made to the video settings:

- From the main menu click "Options" then "Video Settings".
- Change brightness slider to "Bright".
- Turn clouds setting to "Off".
- Increase the render distance to the maximum distance that your computer will support. We suggest starting with a value slightly less than the maximum.

Navigating Tips

To move around in the Minecraft models, you will need to use the following keys on your computer keyboard;
W - Move forward
A - Move left
S - Move backwards
D - Move right
Spacebar - Jump
If you press the spacebar twice quickly, you will be able to fly. To stop flying, simply press the spacebar quickly two times.

To descend while flying, press the left-shift key.

Legend of Rock Units

Regional Model Playable Legend






























This model covers 341 km2. The Minecraft blocks in this model represent 100 m × 100 m in the horizontal (X and Y) directions, and 10 m in the vertical (Z) direction, giving this model a vertical exaggeration of 10 times.

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Currie, P.J., and Koppelhus, E. B., ed. (2005): Dinosaur Provincial Park, A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed; Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana.

These Minecraft worlds were built by the Alberta Geological Survey for educational and outreach purposes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with Mojang