Unlocking the Heat Below Our Feet

The rocks and fluids in Alberta’s subsurface contain vast amounts of geothermal energy—heat energy generated and stored within the Earth’s crust. Albertans can use this renewable energy source for residential, commercial, and industrial heating and cooling applications, and potentially even for commercial electricity generation. As of 2022, geothermal energy is a largely untapped resource in our province. Unlocking our geothermal energy potential requires a good understanding of the geological, hydrogeological, and thermal characteristics of our subsurface.



About Geothermal Energy—A Renewable Resource

What is geothermal energy and where does it come from?

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Our Research on Geothermal Energy

Learn about our projects related to characterizing geothermal resources.

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Mapping Temperature in the Subsurface

Temperature mapping for assessing geothermal resources.

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Geothermal Resource Development

The Alberta Energy Regulator's details on developing geothermal resources.

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