Groundwater Geoscience Program

Our water resources research focuses on predicting aquifer characteristics, groundwater availability, water chemistry, and the flow and discharge of groundwater systems in our province. This work supports the protection and stewardship of our environment and enables responsible resource development. We inform and support groundwater-related planning decisions for regulations, policy, and environmental protection. Our groundwater information and knowledge is available to the public in formats including data, maps, models, interactive applications, and technical reports.



Groundwater Availability Estimates

We use hydrologic data to estimate the non-saline groundwater in Alberta.

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Groundwater Quality Mapping

We map groundwater quality for water users and regulators.

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Provincial Hydrogeological Mapping

We make maps for saline and non-saline groundwater-bearing bedrock units.

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Regional Aquifer Characterization

We map and model the distribution and characteristics of aquifers.

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Hydrogeological Regions of Alberta

Visit our interactive application with hydrogeology information by region.

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Alberta Groundwater Springs

Springs provide data and knowledge of groundwater circulation.

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