Title Published On Type
    Runout Analyses of Potential Landslides of South and Third Peaks: Turtle Mountain, Alberta September 27, 2017 Special Report View
    Relative Landslide Susceptibility Model of the Alberta Plains and Shield Regions December 14, 2016 Map View
    Turtle Mountain Field Laboratory, Alberta (NTS 82G): 2013 Data and Activity Summary February 21, 2016 Open File Report View
    LiDAR Landslide Spatial Analysis at the Little Smoky River Highway 49 Crossing Site, Alberta (NTS 83N) February 19, 2014 Open File Report View
    Geological Setting for Large Landslides at the Town of Peace River, Alberta (NTS 84C) March 06, 2013 Open File Report View
    LiDAR-Based Landslide Classification and Inventory, Peace River, Alberta (NTS 84C) January 30, 2013 Open File Report View
    Surficial Geology of the Falher Area (NTS 83N/NW) January 10, 2012 Map View
    Results of Sediment Coring at the Town of Peace River, Northwestern Alberta (NTS 84C) October 19, 2009 Open File Report View
    Implementation of a Web-GIS Application with ArcGIS Server 9.2 for the Peace River Landslide Project, Alberta June 08, 2009 Open File Report View
    Implementation of a Web-GIS Application for the Turtle Mountain Monitoring Project in ArcGIS Server 9.2 April 15, 2009 Open File Report View
    Turtle Mountain Field Laboratory: 2007 Data and Activity Summary December 01, 2008 Open File Report View
    Mapping Millimetre-Scale Ground Deformation over Frank Slide, Turtle Mountain, Alberta Using Spaceborne InSAR Technology July 31, 2008 Earth Sciences Report View
    Inventory of Holocene Landslides, Peace River Area, Alberta (NTS 84C) March 31, 2005 Geo-Note View
    Geological Report on a Landslide Along the Ram River Rocky Mountain House Area, Alberta September 30, 1973 Open File Report View
    Dunvegan Landslide December 31, 1958 Open File Report View