Turtle Mountain Monitoring Program

In 2005, the Alberta Geological Survey took responsibility of monitoring Turtle Mountain, site of the 1903 rockslide at the Town of Frank in Crowsnest Pass. Working with a panel of geotechnical experts, we created a state-of-the-art near-real-time remote monitoring system called the Turtle Mountain Monitoring System (TMMS). It uses advanced technologies such as light ranging and detection (LiDAR) and ground-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar (GB-InSAR), to monitor and understand the nature of rock movements on Turtle Mountain’s slopes.



Learn About the Geology of Frank Slide

One of Canada’s largest modern rockslides occurred on April 29, 1903.

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Historical Monitoring of Turtle Mountain

Read about the evolution of monitoring methods since the 1930s.

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Current Monitoring on Turtle Mountain

Learn how we apply GB-InSAR to our Turtle Mountain Monitoring System.

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Monitoring Campaigns on Turtle Mountain

Explore our additional efforts to enhance our monitoring techniques.

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Webcams Located on Turtle Mountain

Lights! Webcams! Action! Check out our webcam images and yearly videos.

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Supporting Studies and Research

Learn about our runout models and emergency response plans.

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