Discovering Alberta’s Mineral Resources

Mineral resources are solid, naturally occurring materials with economic value, excluding fossil fuels. Alberta contains an abundance of mineral resources. Some of the minerals have a long history of production. Salt was extracted from saline spring deposits in northeastern Alberta as far back as 1820. In 2018, Alberta’s top three mineral products by value were aggregate (sand and gravel), sulphur, and silica sand whereas by tonnage they were aggregate, sulphur, and limestone. Our province also has exploration opportunities for a wider array of minerals such as diamonds, lithium, and uranium. We create and provide data and information resources related to minerals. Examples of these resources include mineral core and rock samples, maps and interactive applications, commodity reports, and digital datasets. 



Mineral Production in Alberta

An overview of mineral production occurring in our province.

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Geoscience Resources for Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration in Alberta and the information resources available to you.

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Critical Minerals Potential in Alberta

Learn about critical minerals and their potential in Alberta.

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Mineral Core and Rock Samples

Our Mineral Core Research Facility (MCRF) stores core and rock samples.

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Alberta's Mineral Mapping Program

Learn about this program and the new mineral data we are collecting.

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Alberta Interactive Minerals Map

Visit our online interactive map containing our minerals data.

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