Although we may not think about it, we rely on minerals in every aspect of our daily lives. The roads we drive on and the buildings we live and work in are built using sand and gravel, mined and processed by the largest industrial mineral industry in Alberta. In addition, we have a long history of limestone quarrying for cement production and production of building stone for some of our province’s landmark buildings.

The Alberta Geological Survey has a long history of determining the type and extent of mineral resources in the province. In fact the AGS traces its origin to the 1920 First Annual Report on the Mineral Resources of Alberta, made to the provincial government by John Allan.

The AGS publishes maps, reports and data on the location, quantity and quality of industrial minerals such as sand and gravel, and on the potential for gemstones, like diamonds, or metallic minerals, like iron ore. A few examples of commodities with potential in Alberta are:

On-line, province-wide maps of some of these resources are displayed in the AGS interactive minerals map.

For information about minerals legislation, policies, royalties, permitting, mineral assessment reports, etc., visit the Alberta Energy website.