Alberta’s Geology in Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular game that explores 3D worlds and is an excellent way to learn about geology. As part of our commitment to engage with students, teachers, and citizen scientists, we created Minecraft models of some regions of Alberta for exploring geology. You can learn more, download, and explore these worlds through the links below.



Dinosaur Provincial Park Campground in Minecraft

Explore the terrain, trails, and dig for bone beds in this park.

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Dinosaur Provincial Park Region in Minecraft

Explore the Dinosaur Provincial Park region’s shallow geology.

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Peace River in Minecraft - Solid

In our Peace River solid Minecraft model you can dig for oil sands resources.

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Peace River in Minecraft - Transparent

In our Peace River transparent Minecraft model you can see oil sands resources.

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Peace River in Minecraft - Guided Tour

Try the guided minecart tour of our Peace River Minecraft model.

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Minecraft Model Video Tours

Watch our 360° video tours of some of our Minecraft models.

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