Origin and Distribution of Sediments and Landforms

Alberta’s landscape exhibits a well-preserved legacy of glacial and nonglacial sediments lying at or near the ground surface. We map and publish information on the distribution, characteristics, and genesis of these sediments and their associated landforms. Government agencies, land owners, scientists and engineers use this information for making land-use planning decisions, exploring for resources, and understanding the geological history of Alberta. Some examples of uses include mineral and aggregate potential, environmental/engineering geology applications, and understanding long-term landscape evolution.



Morainal Sediments and Landforms

Moraines give rise to a diverse and complex range of landforms.

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Pre to Postglacial Sand and Gravel Deposits

Sand and gravel are a significant resource for aggregate development.  

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Glacial Lakes and the Landscape

Lakes along glacier margins covered large parts of Alberta during deglaciation.

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Permafrost in Alpine and Northern Alberta

Permanently frozen ground is more widespread than previously thought.

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