Peace River in Minecraft - Guided Tour

Let us take you on a tour of our Peace River Minecraft model where we will show you some interesting geological features! In this model, you will jump onboard the minecart that will take you on an interactive tour of our Peace River Minecraft model. Stay in the cart and enjoy the view or jump out and explore for yourself.



More About this Minecraft Model

This tour will take you to a number of stops both on top and inside the model highlighting some of the interesting geological features in the area. At any point in the tour you can get out of the cart and explore, and when you are ready to move on to the next stop, just jump back in the cart and continue forward. Hold on tight and get ready to explore just a few of the interesting geological features hiding beneath the ground in the Peace River area.


You can explore our Minecraft models using a mobile iOS or Android device or a by using a laptop or desktop computer. To use our models, you will need the Minecraft application installed on your device.

View this document for instructions on how to download and install our models in Minecraft.

Download and Install this Minecraft Model

The Minecraft blocks in this model represents approximately 1250 m × 1250 m in the horizontal (X and Y) directions. The vertical exaggeration of this model has been set to 50 times, which means that each block represents approximately 25 m in the vertical (Z) direction.




Important Disclaimer: these Minecraft worlds were built by the Alberta Geological Survey for educational and outreach purposes. This is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with Mojang.