This report outlines the Alberta Research Council's hydrogeological reconnaissance mapping program in 1968. Information includes map production procedures, description of reconnaissance maps and description of how the maps were used in the program.

The program planned to publish hydrogeological maps of the groundwater conditions and their controlling factors for each of the 47 different areas in Alberta. The maps would overview the hydrogeological conditions in Alberta and assist in the solution of groundwater-related problems, such as water resources development, land-use planning, civil engineering and environmental queries, basic and applied research, and the planning of future research projects.

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Toth, J., Ozoray, G.F., Wallick, E.I., Bibby, R., Gabert, G.M., Stein, R. and Lytviak, A.T. (1977): Contributions to the hydrogeology of Alberta; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Bulletin 35, 100 p.