Bulletin 054

Author(s) Date 1986-12-31

This report and four 1:50,000 maps include the results of a new soil survey of the Calgary urban perimeter. This survey encompasses the region of most active development and expansion around Calgary, from Township 21 to 26 and from Range 27 to 29, W of the 4th Meridian and Range 1 to 5, West of the 5th Meridian. The results of this study include general information on the kinds, characteristics, locations, and areal distributions of 33 soil groups and their constituent soil units for agricultural and engineering uses.

The mapping and interpretation provide a regional overview of the soil conditions in the Calgary area and a framework for more detailed site investigations and planning. The maps indicate broad soil distribution patterns and combinations of soil likely to be found on specific land parcels. Awareness of the limited extent of high-quality agricultural land and of constraints to both agricultural and non-agricultural uses should assist in improved management in this area.

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MacMillan, R.A. (1987): Soil survey of the Calgary urban perimeter; Alberta Research Council, ARC/AGS Bulletin 54, 257 p.